Adrian Brambila is an online entrepreneur lives in the US

Adrian Brambila teach how to make money and how to leverage the successes in finance freedom

In 12 years, Adrian Brambila from back dancer for T-Pain has “turned” into a millionaire. He shared at Medium the four most important steps to achieving this.

Adrian Brambila started making money as a backup dancer for T-Pain. But when the job abruptly ended, he was forced to start over with a different turn in his 20s.

Adrian Brambila became a millionaire in 12 years by taking 4 steps to financial independence: Anyone can do it

Then Adrian Brambila found a fresh start at a financial company as a customer service officer. Here, the job is like a “mixed hot pot” but has an annual salary of 22,161 euros. As a result, he has now accumulated a net worth of more than 3 million euros (approximately $3.1 million).

Anyone can become financially independent

While still a dancer, Adrian Brambila witnessed firsthand the lives of people with rich wealth in their hands. Everyone who looks at it wishes it too. But in reality, very few people can understand how to become so rich.

It wasn’t until starting the company that Brambila began to understand the importance of having a smart personal financial plan. Every day, he listens to the stories of ordinary (but extraordinary) customers getting rich and accumulating wealth. It helped him understand that anyone can achieve financial independence.

“Day in and day out, I talk to people who have been and are planning to retire,” Adrian Brambila explains. If I see someone who could retire early before age 60 or have over $1 million in savings, I ask how they did it.”

The important thing is that a lot of them don’t have a very high income. They usually make less than six figures a year with Brambila Method, says Adrian Brambila.

4 steps to help Adrian Brambila become a millionaire

Adrian Brambila became a millionaire in 12 years by taking 4 steps to financial independence: Anyone can do it
You don’t need to have a very high income to achieve financial independence. Photo: Unplash
At the age of 32 now, Brambila is no longer working for a financial company. Instead, he spends most of his time traveling the country with his wife, in a converted van.

With a net worth of more than 4 million euros, according to Business Insider, Brambila can absolutely buy a normal house. But he has no intention of doing so, but chooses to enjoy life everywhere.

The question is: How did Brambila build this wealth? The answer lies in the following 4 secrets.

Buy only what you need

Brambila is a minimalist. He only buys what he needs, not what he wants. This approach ensures that he can save a lot.

When he earned 22,000 euros a year, he saved about 30% of his income. Now he can even save up to 90% of what he earns.

“That kind of mindset helps you focus on saving instead of spending,” says Brambila. After becoming a millionaire, I learned that the best experiences in life don’t come from shopping or spending.”

According to him, you don’t have to be a minimalist, but you should at least adjust your spending. “Trust me, it’s worth the sacrifice,” he added.

Build an emergency fund as soon as possible

Brambila created an emergency fund for herself as quickly as possible. He spent about 6 months to get a provision for this fund.

That way, he can be sure that expensive expenses like medical expenses or car repairs won’t stand in the way of his future financial freedom.

At the same time, Brambila is also very careful in using credit cards. He thinks this is the leading factor that causes people to fail on the road to financial independence.

Adrian Brambila became a millionaire in 12 years by taking 4 steps to financial independence: Anyone can do it.


No matter how hard you work to save, if you do not have a high income, it is difficult to become a millionaire. Brambila soon learned that while working at a financial firm.

Although he has also accumulated a sizable reserve from the main income at the company, at the same time, he also decided to safely start investing on his own.

Brambila puts a fixed amount of money each month into a balanced and diversified portfolio of options. He invests in several ETFs with both safe-haven stocks and bonds that he has thoroughly researched.

Realize the power of multiple sources of income

While the previous three steps are essential to becoming financially independent and becoming a millionaire, Brambila believes step 4 is the key to increasing her wealth. It is the implementation of income diversification.

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