7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software in 2022 (Reviews)

Keyword Rank Tracking Software that help you to track your keyword ranking and also track competitors’ keyword tactics and see how well run.

Keyword Rank Tracking Software for what benefit?

  • Normally, 90.63% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google so if you do not use right keyword rank ranking software you will be out of search from search engine and get no traffic.
  • Free keyword ranking tool helps you manage your rankings better: Understand search trends and what your focus market needs.
  • From there, you can reach your target online market and map out what’s good. What should be improved in your Marketing strategy?
  • Managing a large number of keywords related to your business or product also shows which keywords bring results.
  • From there, you can use them in articles and update pages that rank poorly. And especially, you can also pan sand to find gold. Explore keywords related to your service or product that are trending in the market.
  • After keyword research, by following a keyword rank checker, you can start using keywords that are gradually gaining popularity. If implemented well, this move can have a positive effect on SEO and take your page from page 2 straight to page 1 in search results.
  • Good use of keyword rank checker software saves time searching for keyword metrics. As a result, you have more time to analyze these results and optimize your page.

Which is the best to check Keyword Rank Tracking Software?

Best for check rank: SE Ranking


SE Ranking is a top choice for a Keyword Rank Tracking Software tool among digital agencies and business companies. It is a professional SEO tool intended to help marketers in the important task of optimizing websites or blogs so that their content ranks well on search engine results pages.

SE Ranking currently has more than 500,000 users and of which the number of small and medium businesses is more than 60,000. In addition, over 15,000 agencies have used the tool to develop client strategies.

After adding your site, just wait a few minutes or hours for SE ranking to analyze your keyword rankings. Then you will have a very complete report.

SE Ranking shows you the top 100 results of each keyword you have registered (since we only filled in 5 keywords the list is much shorter).

With that in hand, you can easily analyze what each competitor is doing in order to maintain a good position.

You see your website total traffic and your keywords ranking, your total traffic cost. also backlinks in this Keyword Rank Tracking Software.

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What are the features of SE ranking?
Now that you’ve seen the tool overview and know how to start using it, let’s talk a little bit about each of its key features.

Keyword monitoring
SE Ranking monitors all the keywords you have registered in real time. This can even be done in some search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and a few others. In addition, the search can be limited by geography, by country, region and city.

SE ranking shows the position of each keyword, in addition to showing how that ranking has changed over the months:

7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software in 2022 (Reviews) 13

These are the features of SE ranking

  • Keyword Monitoring: Monitor all the keywords you have registered in real time.
  • Suggesting keywords: In a content marketing strategy, keyword research is the starting point for creating relevant content.
  • Keyword group: Group of keywords that help build content that will grow in the future. This is a difficult thing to do if done manually by hand. Thanks to SE ranking, everything becomes easier.
  • Backlink Check: When it comes to link building, this is better than adding three hyperlinks every 500 words in an article. One of the elements of an off-page SEO strategy is backlinks, which are internal and external links that point to a page on your website.
  • Track page changes: This tool is useful for anyone working with a team.
  • On-page audit: This feature evaluates the optimization of specific pages

Best for daily ranking: SERPWatcher

This is best Keyword Rank Tracking Software for daily rank checking.

You only need to write your domain into their tracking bar then SERPWatcher will analyze for you and show your situation of your website.

Keyword Rank Tracking Software

As an SEO ranking checker, you need to know how high you are ranking for your target keyword. If you don’t measure changes, you’ll never find out what you need to change or improve in your process.

If you only focus on ranking for one keyword, then you can easily look it up in your browser every day. But what happens when you’re trying to rank for dozens of keywords?

How will you keep track of where you are and how far you’ve come?

This is where SERPWatcher comes to solve the matter.

After you enter your domain and you just add your keyword that you want to see:

Free keyword ranking tool


You see for example in the picture the website business.com has the keyword business with average position is 3 within average monthly searches in last 12 months 2,130,000 users. So you can see your Keyword Rank in this Tracking Software.

Best for checking keyword: SEMRUSH

SEMrush is one of the most famous online Keyword Rank Tracking Software analytics tools in the SEO community today. This tool is known as one of the top SEO and keyword research tools today. It will give you a lot of advantages in developing advertising strategies as well as website SEO strategies to the top quickly and effectively.

Some of the main features of SEMrush today
SEMrush is a pretty versatile tool in competitor analysis. Not only researching about Backlink, advertising strategy, SEMrush also gives users the competitors’ SEO keywords so that users can get an overview.

7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software in 2022 (Reviews) 14

Backlink statistics ability
Like Ahrefs or MajesticSEO is the today’s top backlink research tools. SEMrush also gives you detailed statistical reports on the amount of backlinks, anchor text, referral domains, … show to you an overview of a competitor’s link building strategy.

Ability to rank statistics of pages on the site
SEMrush will show you which pages on your site are ranking well on Google in 50 different countries. You can also track the ranking changes of these keywords through SEMrush, along with the top SEO competitors.

The ability to analyze advertising data
SEMrush can help you research the entire advertising campaign of your competitors, the first and most popular on Search Engine is Google Adwords. In addition to the statistics of Google Adwords advertising keywords and the rankings of those keywords.

SEMrush also helps you analyze whether user search trends revolve around these keywords, and at the same time evaluate whether those keywords bring the best results. How much traffic back to the website.

Best for check keyword rank: Advanced Web Ranking

This is the best for Agencies ofDigital marketing for rank tracking many keywords.
Price: Trial Period of 30 Days after you can choose $ 49/month or $499/month.

Advanced Web Ranking is keyword tracking tools made easy and fresh rankings daily, weekly and on demand for desktop, mobile and local searches.

7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software in 2022 (Reviews) 15

This is considered a powerful free keyword ranking tool that comes with a bunch of useful features. This tool shows accurate rankings in about 130 countries and more than 20 search engines. So Advanced Web Ranking is very suitable for Digital agencies and internal SEO to follow rankings on many devices.

In addition, this keyword tracking tool allows location-specific rank tracking with a zip code attached. Advanced Web Ranking also compares rankings with competitors and can log SERP features, the daily update tool ensures the rankings always carry fresh data.

Best for SEO: MOZ

MOZ is rated as one of the best keyword rank checker tools still under development in the industry. The highlight of MOZ is to help increase website traffic, keyword research and on-page optimization.

7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software in 2022 (Reviews) 16

In addition, MOZ includes outstanding features such as backlink analysis, leaderboard keyword tracking tool, and a combination of industry standard metrics. MOZ is available as MOZ Pro for more advanced features, MOZBar browser provides SEO ranking checker analysis.

Price: MOZ for trial up to 30 days, packages cost from 99 – 599 USD/month.

MOZ is an effective arm for Seoers who looking at Keyword Rank Tracking Software.

Best for SEO software: SEOptimer

This tool is easy to use and convenient SEOptimer is suitable for small and medium businesses to help perform on-page optimization and off-page link building.
Price: SEOptimer 14-day free trial, basic plan – 19 USD/month, embedded package – 59 USD/month.

7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software in 2022 (Reviews) 17

SEOptimer also helps digital marketers create powerful content marketing campaigns, thereby significantly improving website rankings. Especially, SEOptimer creates impressive social media campaigns that improve social media presence.

Their Features

  • On-Page SEO
  • Rankings
  • SEO Performance
  • Shows your top 10 Keyword Rankings in the specific location.
  • Performance Results
  • Page Speed Info
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Recommend making URLs as readable as possible by reducing length, file names, code strings and special characters.
  • Device Rendering

Conclusion: According to the reviews, SEOptimer is best for providing insight your website speed and keywords ranking to check and how to improve your web performance to the global market.

Best for SEO rank tracking: AuthorityLabs

This tool is considered a great keyword rank checker and has a user-friendly interface. It is also the best form to track computer domains, rank for keywords on different websites and provide in-depth analytical reports.

7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software in 2022 (Reviews) 18

Allows users to set up multiple websites and optimize SEO campaigns, monitor SEO campaigns being implemented by competitors, thereby bringing many new advantages and opportunities to public users. this tool.

Verdict: Authority Labs is a great tool for tracking competitor domains, product rankings, and comparing mobile ratings with desktop results. According to customer reviews, it also has one of the best user interfaces of any rank checker.

SEO rank tracking software that’s reliable accurate.

After you check your ranking keywords then you may need some AI story generator for boost your content.

Frequently Asked Questions for this topic

1. What is the tracking for SEO position?

Position tracking is also called SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a link displayed on the search interface (desktop, mobile) of Google, Bing, .. to provide users with useful information for search needs for rank tracking. It helps owners of website track the SEO ranking checker daily.

You may use a specific local location and use a rank checker software to gain customers around you.

2. Why are keywords rank checking important to SEO?

Keywords are the main parts and main bones (such as bones of the human body) of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines Google or Baidu will crawl your website content then understand your keywords.

Keyword Rank Tracking Software will help you understand your site ranking now and suggest the position higher on global market.

What does Keyword Rank Tracking Software help?

Using a rank checker software will help you get the results you’re looking for, and you’ll see the fruits of your efforts through higher rankings and improved sales and leads. You can easily create content and also help maintain your competition.

Most of the tools selected here come with free trials, thus giving you a chance to try them out before choosing whichever one you want. These tools are shortlisted based on countless user reviews, i.e. most digital marketing professionals.

Keyword rank check tools help save time, make the process of keyword system selection quick and convenient for businesses.

You all get an initial free trial, and most of the tools that give you a lot of value come for a fee, but are well worth it for us to use. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article, we will try to respond as soon as possible!

Thank you for reading the post!

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