TubeBuddy Review: How To Best Your Youtube Channel 2022

TubeBuddy Review which features you can do and how you to optimize Youtube videos and helps you grow and benefit from your YouTube channel.

YouTube is the best way to make money online. Not only does it allow you to reach a potential audience, but it also helps you enjoy the fun of doing what you’re passionate about.
But growing a YouTube channel is not as easy as you think.

TubeBuddy Review: How To Best Your Youtube Channel 2022 9

Several tools can help you achieve faster success on YouTube, some of them are TubeBuddy. And if you’re just starting out, you can reverse your competitor’s progress by using this tool.

Today, I will show you how to use TubeBuddy, a web browser extension that will completely change the way you manage and grow your YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy Review about:

TubeBuddy is a useful extension for both Chrome and Safari. This is a YouTube-certified extension, which means it follows YouTube’s standards and practices.

This tool is completely free and you can start using it right now. The only thing you need is a YouTube channel. First public is my blog.

TubeBuddy is developed by a team of certified YouTube creators. They know what it takes to build and run a successful YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy has 65+ features that can help you boost your videos on YouTube algorithm. Here are my favorite TubeBuddy features:

TubeBuddy Review: How To Best Your Youtube Channel 2022 10


The best part of TubeBuddy is the sheer number of YouTube SEO features it has to work with.
This feature can help your video get into the YouTube algorithm and get millions of recommended views.
YouTube SEO Tool:

  • Hint card
  • Keyword Explorer
  • SEO Studio
  • Best time to publish
  • Test video A/B

In-depth analysis
TubeBuddy’s in-depth analysis helps you grow your channel by understanding what works and what doesn’t.
Allows you to centralize data on creating content that drives views and increases your imports.

  • Health report
  • Competitor score
  • Social surveillance
  • Rank tracking
  • Productivity Tools
Grow youtube channel

TubeBuddy saves you time by speeding up a lot of the manual actions you normally have to perform on YouTube.

  • Bulk metadata update
  • Canned Feedback
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Thumbnail Maker
  • Video theme plan

Performance tools for your YouTube videos
To increase your productivity as a YouTuber, TubeBuddy comes with features like:

  • Thumbnail avatar maker for videos
  • Scheduled video release
  • End screen templates and card templates
  • Publish original video to Facebook
  • Sunset videos (set schedule to delete and hide videos from playlist)
  • List of important points to review before uploading a video
  • Video Theme Planner
  • Video update as planned
  • Quick Edit Toolbar
  • Advanced Video Embedder

TubeBuddy Review: Video Thumbnail Maker

One of the absolute tools that comes with TubeBuddy is a thumbnail avatar generator for videos. Has a YouTuber ever seen some YouTubers use a layout model to create a thumbnail avatar for each video? It’s a feature of TubeBuddy.

Video Thumbnail Maker

Thumbnail avatar maker for videos
It allows you to create and save images and layouts, and reuse them over and over again for your new videos. This is creating the best store image for your channel.

TubeBuddy Review: Embed Video Enhancer

Using TubeBuddy in advanced video embedding, you can create YouTube encoded embedded videos that allow you to disable full screen mode, hide playback and transition options.

Scheduled video play

TubeBuddy does not allow you to set a history for videos on a specific date. You can also add videos to an existing playlist upon upload.

Auto Upload to Facebook

TubeBuddy has the ability to post your video directly to Facebook page as original video. This way you can also monetize your videos through Facebook ads.

TubeBuddy Review: How To Best Your Youtube Channel 2022 11

TubeBuddy Review: The list is listed on uploading

Unless you choose any plan, TubeBuddy will give you a free list of things to double-check when uploading a video, including the important points and steps you need to take before you post a video on my channel. This list is being created by the main professional YouTubers.

It gives you a lot of keywords and fantasy videos! If the composite score is good, that looks fine! Which means it’s not very competitive.

TubeBuddy Review: all you have to do is create a great piece of content!

Please note that if you are reading a how-to account of how you grow your YouTube channel, the goal is not to rank your videos in search but to be able to see recommendations. TubeBuddy can help you with this!

Like Google, YouTube is a video search engine. This means that as a Youtuber, you also need to SEO (search engine optimization) for your videos.

TubeBuddy Review: TubeBuddy provides the following features for YouTube SEO:

  • Automatic translation
  • Video Tag Finder (tags)
  • Check out the best method
  • Monitor keyword rankings
  • Annotation support (on request)
  • Explore the card
  • Card Suggestions
  • List and sort cards
  • Video A/B test
  • Monitor search rankings
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Search Explorer
TubeBuddy Review: How To Best Your Youtube Channel 2022 12

Automatic translation

To expand your global reach, you can use TubeBuddy’s automatic translation feature. It will automatically translate your sung title, tags and description into the language most used by your viewers. You can also manually select language tools.

Also, have a key word as output:

TubeBuddy Review: A/B Testing

  • This is one of the best features of TubeBuddy to maximize conversions. A/B testing is a feature that helps you compare different sub-images, titles, and descriptions to choose the best version.
  • View search ratings – Using the track rating search feature, you can check your video’s rating using possible tools. TubeBuddy also curated new features to help you keep track of your weekly rankings.

Videolytics and Video data analytics

TubeBuddy’s video analytics dashboard shows important metrics like total views, subscribers, likes and dislikes, Facebook likes, channel videos and comments.

Table Analytics can also show the tags associated with the video. If you scroll down a bit, you will see a button for detailed video ratings.

This is a feature achieved by all parsing that will be displayed to the right of any video you develop. A good way to keep an eye on your opponents.

Video Theme Planner

Setting up a video topic planner allows you to plan a title video and rewrite notes. You can plan a vlog in the near future to rewrite the ideas as they start to appear.


TubeBuddy is a free tool. That means you can use it completely for free, no feature upgrade needed. Premium paid plans start from Pro plan: $9/month for one YouTube channel.

The Pro package is just enough for beginners. It gives you access to all features, except A/B testing, search opportunities, and automatic translation.

The Star plan which costs $19/month is the best plan if you want to use TubeBuddy’s best features to grow your channel.

If you choose to pay annually, you can save an extra 20% on your total payment.

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