Webinar Platforms Comparison 3 Top of 2022 ( Compare)

Webinar platforms comparison in 2022 to your needs with choosing the right webinar software is more important for teaching students and compare.

What is a webinar platform?

A webinar software platform is better defined as an online or web-based platform for hosting a lecture, meeting, webinar, or live presentation. Webinar platform that allows presenters to provide, receive and discuss information in real time.

During a webinar, participants can share documents, audio, and apps with other webinar attendees. Many webinar platforms have the ability to share webinar recordings to YouTube or other video services.

Webinar platforms comparison do what things?

I will show advantage and defect of each webinar platform for you.

Webinar Platforms Comparison of 2022 in detail

Webinar Platforms Comparison for Riverside

Everyone will always be on the same page when we say online screen recorders will always be easier to use. That’s right because an online tool doesn’t require a few downloads and installations. They are more accessible but more efficient recording tools to use.

Webinar Platforms Comparison 3 Top of 2022 ( Compare) 4

Riverside is a webinar platform that can provide an extensive recording workflow. One attractive feature it possesses is the studio it offers for recording against webinar platforms comparison others.


  • It is easy to operate with clear and attractive display.
  • Attendees do not need to register for an account to join the webinar.
  • Customer service is excellent and offers both a Help post and live support chat.


There is a lag when hosting a webinar with more than 1000 participants.

This recorder also provides a piece of in-depth information before you start recording. The recording process can have complications at first, but it will give good results.


It is an online screen recorder with audio, video, camera allowing to record. Riverside Webinar is similar to Loom Recorder as it will allow you to record with your teammates and share the output.

On the other hand, Riverside webinar is smoother to use than other online tools. While it’s not a free online screen recorder, the premium price is still affordable and cost-effective for a professional phone like this.

Webinar Platforms Comparison for Livestorm

We will introduce you to Livestorm, a live webinar software used by more than 3000 companies worldwide. Usually, choosing a solution that is popular and widely used will allow you to start on a strong foundation and avoid hiccups.

LiveStorm is a video conferencing and webinar system that does not require downloading any software. You can use it from any device you want.

Webinar Platforms Comparison 3 Top of 2022 ( Compare) 5


  • It is very easy to use with huge compatibility and some outstanding features.
  • Analytics is great and allows users to export everything for a better webinar effect.
  • Attendees do not need to download software for the on-demand webinar.


  • You cannot copy attendees from my previous webinar to the next webinar.
  • It only allows the host to start and end the webinar session.

You can create engaging live events with thousands of attendees, automate some action or entire webinars, or be sure to create an webinar platforms comparison to deliver your video content. you 24/7 and continue to engage your audience in the background with conversation, polls, and feature questions.

  • Product demonstration
  • Customer training
  • Internal contact information
  • Online courses
  • As you can see, Livestorm can be used in many different ways, you can even use it for free and you will be able to see if it lives up to your expectations.

Livestorm is packed with features. The best part is that there is no need to download any software to join a webinar (unlike Zoom, for example).

This means your client or team can join the webinar instantly, and from any device, just install a web browser like Google, for example.

Webinar Platforms Comparison for GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing client that allows us to:

  • Create an emailing list and collect data
  • Send email newsletters to your list subscribers
  • View and analyze statistics related to your email campaigns – open rates, click-through and forward rates, and more.

In addition to email marketing features, GetResponse now offers a website builder, chat features, e-commerce features, webinar hosting, landing pages, and sales funnels.

GetResponse recently introduced new features, including a conversion funnel and webinar hosting, aimed at making it an “all-in-one” marketing platform.

Webinar Platforms Comparison 3 Top of 2022 ( Compare) 6


  • Host reliable and stable webinars, even when more than 500 people are attending.
  • Good for multi-user, multi-host scenarios, switching between presenters.
  • The host can email invitations to attendees right from the app.
  • Provides annotation tools to circle or point out important words, phrases or images.

Webinar recording must be converted.

Some of the especially useful GetResponse webinar platforms comparison features include:

  • In fact, webinar attendees don’t need to install any software to attend
  • Keep records of seminars
  • Screen sharing function
  • Video sharing function (YouTube)
  • Option to upload Powerpoint presentations to GetResponse for use in webinars.

GetResponse recently introduced the platform’s webinar capabilities. Pricing is also very competitive compared to established webinar solutions.

Since webinars can be used both as a lead generation tactic and as an important revenue-generating feature, the idea of having an email database and webinar tool is a must. you under the same roof is very attractive.

But to my surprise: both the look and feel of the webinar and the functionality of the webinar are truly excellent, and are generally superior in quality to any dedicated platform I’ve used before for online meetings or webinar.

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